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What Students are Saying

I can honestly say I learned a lot from these courses. Other instructors go on and on about information a that I would never use. These courses get right to the point. 

Corey Knisely

I’m a small business owner considering launching my first content-focused site. I’ve played with WordPress but realize that if I want to scale the site, I’ll probably need to know how to set up a real backend. This was helpful to get me started and saves me a a lot of time searching around.

Michael Wasyl

This course helped me out so much. It’s not just “do this do that”. It’s the explanation of what certain things do and why they are done. Highly reccomend. 

Jay Garcia

What’s Covered:

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Cloud based computing and AWS? In this course I’ll teach you to go from knowing nothing about AWS to having your own website, data storage and more. In addition you will feel confident with AWS user console for whatever project you may need. We’re going to lay the ground work out and give you a great understanding of the services that AWS offers.

Topics covered:




-Route 53/DNS


– And more!

So join me on this journey to discovering AWS and all the fantastic things it can do for you!!

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 2.5 Hours (Watch Time) / 1 Week Actual Time

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Austin Patkos Austin Patkos Author

1 Time Enrollment

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