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Creator of ZDev-9

Austin Patkos

"What we do now echos in eternity" - March Aurelius

Austin Patkos is the Creator of ZDev-9. He has developed over 27 different mobile apps for both Android and iPhone. Austin Patkos is a self taught in software. Believing that self education is key. In addition he has developed several courses, authored a book designed and engineered 3D firearm parts, and taught self defense for over 10 years.
Bruised and battery daily in a Martial Arts school. He now holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt. He has competed in over a dozen powerlifting competitions, has squatted over 800lbs, bench pressed over 550lbs and deadlifted over 700lbs.
Believing in the mindset of “passing on” Austin has published serveral courses that reflect his passion for Personal Development and Growth.

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